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Thread: Help Please? :)

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    England :-)
    We have opted against Rhiannon (too many N's), and we're leaning more towards Juliette as a middle name

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    Ooooh, Martha Juliet and Felicity Grace are gorgeous!
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    Juliette would have been my first choice because Juliette O'Connell is just gorgeous! But second (since you're leaning more toward that as a middle) would actually be Maggie. Something about Maggie O'Connell just sounds like it was meant to be. I would prefer Maggie as a nickname for something like Margaret -- something she can grow into and have options with, but that's up to you. If you like Maggie as a nn, I'm sure the more name-educated Berries (more so than me, I mean) can come up with lots of options for a full name that would get you Maggie as a nn.

    Good luck!

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    Meredith O'Connell -- I think Meredith is really cute and I love it with Felicity!
    Martha O'Connell -- Martha feels dated. I know you said no suggestions...heh, but would you consider Marta? Because Marta and Felicity are adorable together! And Marta O'Connell sounds so elegant.
    Rhiannon O'Connell -- I don't like it with your last name.
    Maggie O'Connell -- Really nice with Felicity!
    Heather O'Connell -- May be a bit dated.
    Juliette O'Connell -- I find this really hard to say with your last name.
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    I think Meredith and Juliette are good with Felicity. I think Juliette is alright, but if you are unsure, u could go for Juliet.

    Good luck!!
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