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    Molly feels like a redhead's name to me!
    Love my dog Zephyr <3
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    I met a fair-skinned and freckly southern belle type named Leilani once. It was a ridiculous misfit of a name. She hated it and used nicknames almost exclusively. Apparently, she was conceived during a Hawaiian vacation and her parents chose her name accordingly. She did NOT feel that that made it better, lol.

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    I'm a fair, blonde, brown-eyed Alexandra, and I've found that most people assume I will be a brunette when knowing my name before my face (interviews, etc) or they think I look like an 'Allison' or 'Ashley' - I always get 'A' names, which is also weird. My younger sister is a Lacie and she HATES it. She is a huge tomboy and definitely is not growing into her name as she gets older.

    I put a lot into the meanings of names (no Claudias or Gideons for me, unfortunately) and I have a hard time using a name that literally relates to appearance, like Flynn or Crispin (son of the red-haired one and curly-haired). If my husband had brown hair and I named my baby boy Flynn... it irks me too much to even consider, even though I really like the name. I also could never stand to use names like May or Winter unless the baby was born in the respective month/season.

    I really wish that there wasn't such an issue when people use names from other cultures/ethnic groups, because there are some names that I love so much that I am pretty certain my children will not "match." Mio is one of my favorite names, and means "beautiful cherry/thread" in Japanese, but alas, it's not likely I'll have a Japanese baby (also, I feel like people will think it is a Spanish name). Irish, Italian, and French names have seemed to cross over, but I would still feel odd naming a baby Parvati or Noor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonnielyn View Post
    I can't imagine a blonde, blue-eyed Molly for some reason. Its one of the reasons my daughter is Johanna.
    I know a blonde/blue-eyed Molly and a brunette/brown-eyed Molly. I've known the latter for longer, but the former is the one that embodies the name for me - partly due to her bubbly personality!

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    I do think it has a lot to do with past experiences with people and what they look like. Its interesting about Molly as I know quite a few people with this name and they all look different! Molly has to be a bubbly personality though. I also think that it is another reason why some people choose more unusual names-because if they have never met anyone with that name they don't have anything their child has to live up to or any negative feelings towards that name. Conversely, some parents name their children after people who have made a good impression on them such as my sister being named after an amazing actor in a school Shakespeare play. But just imagine if my sister had been really bad at acting? It would have put a bit of a spin on things.

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