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    I wonder about some names that are especially yellow/red in the most literal way; Leo names, Marigold, Golda, names that nn Sunny or Sonny, Ray? Do these names only work on a fair child? What about names like Raven, Ebony, Ember, Jasper, they work better on someone dark? What about names that mean dark like Melanie or light like Helen? Does that matter since most people won't know off-hand?

    To me, no. I might name a dark skinned child Marigold cause I hope she's destined for a bright and sunny life. I might name a blondie Ember cause it feels warm and has depth that I like. To me, it's less about the appearance of the kid and more about the feel of the name and what it means to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonnielyn View Post
    I can't imagine a blonde, blue-eyed Molly for some reason. Its one of the reasons my daughter is Johanna.
    That made me, blonde and blue-eyed Molly, laugh :P. Johanna is really pretty, though

    I personally can't picture a Samuel being fair haired. I don't know why but I associate it with darker hair.
    And while there is the obvious connection of Ruby with red, I can't imagine a red-headed Ruby. But that's more because the association + the hair color would be a little too much red for me.
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