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    The only really strong association that comes to mind is Heidi = blonde woman

    I think of molly as brown hair and eyes, a la the American Girl doll of the same name. Felicity had dark hair too, so that's a brunette name to me too.

    Then again I think/imagine I have lighter hair than I do, and sometimes don't think I look like a Kate myself, but other times I do... I think the kid makes the name most always. Hmm

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    Scarlett. It sounds like a name for a red-haired girl or even a blonde one, but not a brunette.

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    I think it has to do with the people we know and their names. For example, my sister's name is Megan. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. It's hard for me to picture a girl who has dark hair and brown eyes as a Megan.
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    I really can't picture certain names on certain people, like a blonde Adriana doesn't work in my mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Some names are my suitable for some looks, in my opinion. I was almost positive my baby would have blue eyes (90% blue eyes on my side, all blue eyes on his) but she has brown eyes. And the same with the blonde hair, but she's (this far) very dark. So I'm kind of glad I didn't go with Xanthe, that's such a blonde name. I do think it's more about personality though, and I think parents will choose names that suit their personalities and therefore will suit the little one (in most cases).

    But I agree with the others, the name will suit the little person bearing it, because it will be hers. Or his.
    I totally agree. My own personal example is with my daughter entire pregnancy I was stuck on the name Ingrid...just loved it and really wanyed to name baby if a girl (we found out her gender at birth) Ingrid. Aftee she was born she did not look like an Ingrid, or, any other name we jad talked abput and put on the list! But she *is* a Violet...spunky personality (her nn is "Vio") and a beautiful mess of redish brown curly hair. She is really *not* an Ingrid!
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