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    I've definitely had thoughts like, "Wow, she really looks like an April." after hearing someone's name.
    Some people's names definitely feel as though they fit them well.

    I think some of it is the style of the name--it's easier to imagine a happy, outgoing Molly than a happy, outgoing Veronica. Of course, a lot of that is related to your own history. If you've known a fun outgoing Veronica that's probably your first thought. But I do think that certain names have a harder or softer tone, a more relaxed or serious vibe, etc.

    Some names, since they're more connected with certain cultures, have the visual connection with those ethnic traits. Again, it's not required, but it's easier to imagine Francesca having long black hair and warm skin rather than looking Scandinavian.

    And of course, the really direct ones like rude Joy's or negative Hope's or Robin's that you just wish would shut up!

    So, I'd say that there are some names that fit better, but I don't think I would ever eliminate a name from my favorites just because I didn't think my kid would 'look' right to wear it.

    I do think there are some names that are very ethnic, and I wouldn't want my kid to be constantly questioned about their apparent ethnicity not matching their name's ethnicity, but that's the only "rule" I'd hold to.
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    There was a girl I met about a week ago, she had light brown hair fair skin and beautiful green eyes. She looked like a Maggie or Ruby, a little typical American girl. She introduced herself as "Well my name's kinda weird... It's... Blue... Like the color?" bracing herself for my laughter. Of course I had a moment of being overjoyed, being a berry and all. I wanted to know her siblings names, her middle names, her parents personalities, etc... but my second thought was, Blue? Really?

    All in all, some names really just won't go. Blue still doesn't look like a blue to me, there's nothing BLUE about her. As long as the name isn't too ethnic or out of character for how your children will probably be, it should be fine. Of course, Blue isn't an ethnic name. But it did open my eyes to how you shouldn't give your children a harsh label (Out of the crowd, over the top Blue IMO)
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    There are very few names I can't picture on a variety of people. One of the standout exceptions is my friend of 15 years, Amber. She has black hair and fair skin and has never looked like an Amber to me. That's one name that feels very blond to me, which her mom is actually.

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    I know an Amber with very tan skin, dark blonde hair, and one blue eye and one green eye. The name totally fits her!
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    I can't imagine a blonde, blue-eyed Molly for some reason. Its one of the reasons my daughter is Johanna.

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