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    'You Can't Have a ______That Has Brown Hair'

    Do the names on your lists suit you?
    Why do you think they do/don't?

    How can you tell if a name will suit someone? (Is this all done by stereotypes or past experiences with people?)
    Are there some names that are like 'You can't have a so and so with blonde hair' etc.?

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    I don't think any names are off limits dependent on appearance. For me, as long as it's a real name and not something like Lampshade or Bu'Fonguinanaya, then it'll suit the person it belongs to. Why wouldn't it? It's their name. I hope I'll have a daughter one day. I have no idea what she'll look like but I know she'll most likely be called Aira and she'll suit her name because it's hers.

    None of the names on my list would suit me because I'm Ren
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    I've thought about it, hahaha. I've always wanted a girl with thick blonde hair and blue eyes (like me) named Erica. But I'e realized since then that, thanks to genetics, my children are more likely to end up with brown hair and brown eyes. In my opinion, it's not about the baby and the name fitting together perfectly. That name is their name. As they grow up being known by the name, the name will grow to fit them - not the other way around.
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    Some names are my suitable for some looks, in my opinion. I was almost positive my baby would have blue eyes (90% blue eyes on my side, all blue eyes on his) but she has brown eyes. And the same with the blonde hair, but she's (this far) very dark. So I'm kind of glad I didn't go with Xanthe, that's such a blonde name. I do think it's more about personality though, and I think parents will choose names that suit their personalities and therefore will suit the little one (in most cases).

    But I agree with the others, the name will suit the little person bearing it, because it will be hers. Or his.
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    I do have my own visceral responses to names, but they're just based on personal imagery. Generally speaking, I wouldn't say a name is appearance-specific unless it's strongly (and perhaps only) associated with a particular ethnic group that very obviously mismatches with the wearer's ethnic appearance. Examples being a redhead named Hiromi, an Icelandic dude named José. Even then there is so, so much wiggle room, and some are more accessible than others.

    For my own list, I have a handful of names that I have a strong visual association with and would have trouble adjusting to a different physical appearance wearing them, but it's usually because I associate them with characters/actors as opposed to their being associated with (or originating from) a specific ethnic group.

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