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    What is your thought on love as a middle name?

    Is love as a middle name too much ? i love it but i'm not sure what others think about it. It could go with the hole virtue middle name thing which i love..also thoughts on virtue middle names?! personally , my middle name is faith and my sisters is hope and i love it. Its unique where im from, where literally almost everyones middle name is either lynn, ann, or marie/ maria (those are beautiful names but they are often used as middle names in my generation) Thanks !

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    I generally prefer names that are less direct, more name-ish, but it's a legitimate virtue name, and it has a simple, clean, pretty sound. There's Jennifer Love Hewitt, and she's done alright...

    Lovisa is really sweet. It's a Scandinavian feminization of Louis.
    Arden makes me think of "ardor" and "ardent" but it also has Shakespearean connections and means "great, high" or "eagle valley"
    Carita or Caritas is another one - "dearness, love"

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    I like it, I think it looks pretty as a middle name, BUT I would feel guilty if I had one child with the middle name Love and another with something else that didn't mean the same. It would make a child a little jealous if they had a sibling that had it as their middle name and they had something like Jane or Eve.
    But if you are prepared to use it, when you do have other children I'd give them a middle name that means love too, just so they don't feel left out.
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    Personally, I think it's a bit over the top. I understand going with a virtue middle name, but love is a bit much. Faith, Hope, Ever, True, Amity, Bliss, Bonny, Desire, Destiny, Dare, Grace, they all work, I just think Love is a bit much.

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    I would never use it. Makes me think of Courtney Love in the first instance (I know it was her surname, but still.) It also just doesn't seem quite right in general. Something like Valentine might be alright as an alternative?

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