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    Amity, Artemis, Amaryllis..? Back to the drawing board and need HELP please!

    I've posted twice or thrice before - of most relevance when it looked like my husband and I were choosing between Xanthe and Artemis (he chucked my Xanthe out and I came round(ish) to Artemis) and once when we thought we'd decided on Pearl. The Nameberry community has been incredibly helpful so I thought I'd turn to you again if you're not tiring of me too much.

    We are now completely and utterly stuck with no out-and-out favourite at all, no names we both unreservedly love and I have 10 weeks left... So I'd appreciate some blue-sky thinking and honest opinions from you.

    What are your favourite names within these rough boundaries?

    1) I suspect we tend to both like Ancient Greek and Roman names, vintage names and Pilgrim names (this last is a real rarity in England where we are from). Certainly names with history. I do worry some vintage names are getting overly popular (see below)

    2) As parents we both have unusual names and would like our second daughter to have a name which ideally means she just has to say "Hi, it's Xanthe" (or whatever) safe in the knowledge that she's probably the only Xanthe the other person knows. Definitely want to avoid names which are moving up rapidly so that there could be multiples in a school year.

    3) Our last name is Irwin and to my ear this has caused problems with some vowel endings (a endings in particular which rules out a veritable host of names) and some rhyme problems (this last is one of the reasons we rejected Pearl - Pearl Irwin had a bit of a difficult 'err' roll to it).

    4) I'd prefer either one/two syllables (though have drawn much of a blank finding ones we both like) or if more that the nickname potential is good or at least not too hideous. Or indeed the same as a million other children - e.g. While I love Amaryllis I think the potential nicknames - Lily or Amy - are going to point to less unusual names.

    Also of note - our eldest daughter is Iris (chosen for its Greek history, rainbow and flower associations, vintage associations, two syllables and it sounds strong somehow).

    And for those worried about possibly pretentious names leading to bullying this child will probably (I'm trying to afford it as hard as can be!) be educated privately. In England this means her school year will have more Aramintas, Persephones and Agathas than you'd expect.

    These are the names we can roughly agree we both like but not unreservedly:
    Amaryllis - Love the sparkling meaning, the pastoral history, the unusualness. Don't love the length and possible nicknames.

    Clemency - Like rather than love from us both for sound and meaning. Works but doesn't inspire a lot of reaction from either of us.

    Amity - Like. Possibly not as pretty a sound as Clemency. Very unusual in England.

    Clementine - Love this. Not loving how popular it is getting. Not loving "Clemmie" (clammy) as a nickname. Ditto re nickname for Clemency.

    Pearl - Love the image and the vintage feel. Not loving the 'earl' sound problem above. Could this name be ugly depending on pronunciation?

    Artemis - This was our frontrunner despite a worry it might be a tad pretentious! Love its fierce goddess associations and strength. Unseated by the nickname issue (we agreed on Mimi though it's a long way away from Artemis) and the possessive "Artemis's" - sounds a bit too hissy and would be used a lot presumably? Also applies to Amaryllis.

    Ivy - not good with Iris. Not as good a name as Iris either (imo).

    Am I just being way too picky? I think the problem is I don't LOVE any of them any more. Not in the way I loved my first daughter's name, Iris.

    ps I also LOVE Delilah (a cousin's name. Could get away with it, just but there's that 'a' ending) and we'd have called her Violet but it's her first cousin's name and it would have started an all out war! He was all for Lark but it feels a bit too cool for us tbh and lacks that history I really wanted.

    (ps I'd go for Xanthe in a heartbeat. He won't.)

    Help!!!!! Please!!!!!

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    I like all of your names. I think my favorites are Artemis, Amity, and Pearl (doesn't sound ugly to me, but my aesthetics are not everyone's). Iris is awesome! Bummer that Xanthe got nixed - they'd make great sisters. Really, though, you can't go wrong with any of your choices...but it'd be nice to actually find one you love instead of just like! Some ideas:

    Laurel (reminds me a bit of Lark, but a bit warmer and perhaps with a bit more history? I feel like it has the same vibe as a lot of your names, and I think it'd sound good with sister Iris and ln Irwin)
    Verity (Puritan-virtue-y, nn option could be Vera? I think it's prettier than Clemmie and certainly less plain than Amy or Lily)
    Juniper or Junia or Juno
    Althea or Anthea or Athena
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    Here are some great, underused Greek names:

    Alethea (Nickname Thea or Lettie instead of Allie)
    Anjeliki (Nickname Jelly or Li)
    Zephyrine (nn Zeff)
    Timothea (NN Thea, Tia, or Timmi)

    Greek/Roman Mythology names:

    Aether or Aethra
    Alycone (All-see-on-ee)
    Chione (Key-oh-nee)
    Eris (I actually know a little girl named this and it is beautiful! Her family says it Air-iss)
    Hero (F)
    Leto/Latona (story isn't the best namesake)
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    Thank you both so much!

    egilona - Daphne my husband loved but I nixed after long consideration. Might reconsider. LOVE Claudia (Cloud-ia) but wonder if the ending goes with Irwin - Claudia Irwin (you sort have to pause I think?). Like Verity. Athena would have been on the list but for the a ending and a massive chain of poster shops (now defunct) which were huge here in the 80's and 90's. Maybe that doesn't matter anymore.

    aurra - Wonder if I could convince husband on Zephyrine? It was however the name of my horse when I was a child! (very cool horse!) Greek and Roman names are so brilliant though I do struggle with the negative stories attached to a lot of them (in the same way I don't think I'd ever call my daughter Ophelia or Cordelia because they are unusual enough to be strongly attached to their plays, unlike, say Juliet). I adore Calliope and the nn Callie or Cal is good. Love Calypso but husband has knocked it out of the court a few times. Will keep nagging on that one. It was also the name of dashing heroine in a bestselling book here - The Camomile Lawn. Eris appealed instantly then I remembered Iris! Wouldn't Amazon cut a dash? Shame about the web-giant. So many classical names have that problem though - lots of people have pointed out our original choice Artemis is a software system!

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    How about names based on ivy,

    Or more jewel names

    If you like calliope how about Calista.
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