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    Lark made me think of Calandra for you? Seems more your (gorgeous) vintage/mythical speed, with the lark connection. And Callie is rather sweet and not TOO popular.

    I like Amaryllis a lot. Amy doesn't bother me as much as it sounds like it would bother you, though.

    Clemency - Don't like, sorry, much prefer Amity or Verity. Or... Clarity? Cicely? Coralie?

    Amity - Like this one very much.

    Clementine - Rather popular for you, isn't it? I like Minnie/Min which I've heard bandied about as a nickname for it... but vastly prefer Araminta or Minerva for that.

    Pearl - Pearl Irwin sounds funny to me, sorry. Imagery is nice but this is where I would turn to Marguerite or similar.

    Artemis - I like this a lot, but I'm the sort of person who had Artemisia on their own list at one point. (I liked the goddess connection, artist Artemisia Gentileschi connection, and the botanical thing because I'm a plant nerd).

    Ivy - I love Ivy but it doesn't have the history/weight of Iris and also sounds very similar.

    Other ideas:
    Andromeda, NN Romy
    Laetitia - I sort of like my Greco-Roman goddesses this way best: there enough to ground the name and give it history, and yet spared from the wealth of R-rated myths and overshare-details of more famous deities. Oh, and as a power-set goes "joy" is one of the more innocuous ones to have to deal with, I think.
    Khione/Chione - snow goddess.
    Circe - Bold choice, but I really like it.
    Demetria, Demeter - Demi? Not too common but not too hard to explain. I sort of love the non-occupational Demeter as an uncommon -er name.
    Hesper/Hespera/Hesperia/Hesperis - one of the nymphs of evening, counterpart of Eos of the dawn. Oddly, I like Hesper a lot but dislike Harper.
    Phoebe - To me, the most reflective of the multi-faceted appeal of Iris. Phoebe - goddess, New Testament character, songbird, vintage quirk and accessible sound. The one downside of otherwise likable choices like Andromeda etc. is how they are so long and so "statement" uncommon compared to the *relatively* familiar (I don't mean trendy) Iris, and I think Phoebe is maybe a better match in that regard.

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    Well, I think everyone has pretty much covered a wide array of Greek suggestions and other good suggestions too. So I won't overwhelm you. You said you liked Amaryllis. It's one of my favorites. Don't like the nn options Amy or Lily? I always thought of using Amari or Mari (uh-mah-ree or mah-ree) Think about it.

    "Call me Phil."
    *shaking hands*


    "Amari? What an unusual name!"

    "It's short for Amaryllis actually."

    "Oh, wow. How beautiful!"

    Since the nn is unusual, the unusual full name can still be recognized. I think it works splendidly!

    Good luck!

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    I've only just come back to look at this thread I started owing to Nameberry's prediction of Ancient names being the "next big thing" (eeeek!) and looking for the tag in forums so many apologies for my non-responsivenes to your considered and helpful ideas. THANK YOU!

    I wish I loved Phoebe more as you are right - it does go well in terms of mythological/vintage-'normal' with Iris. My husband loves Daphne which probably shares this trait but to me has too 'dappy' a sound (does dappy mean dizzy/silly in American slang too?). And there's Phyllis (pastoral, like Amaryllis) but that's - at the moment - still too 'granny' according to my straw poll of friends the other day.

    You've confirmed my fears re Pearl. Definitely not right with the ur of Irwin (though poss still as a middle name? I like it as a single syllable middle and don't think the rhyme matters so much as it will be said aloud so very little). Though according to Nameberry's predictions again a non-name middle (ie a noun - Lark, Bear, Rose) is another big trend... not that I care much re. middle names. Except for Rose - literally every single little girl I meet nowadays is 'something' Rose.

    How fabulous is Loveday? I'm English (and studied Old and Middle English at University) and have never heard of it!

    I do like Charis (k-aris) - great suggestion. And I looked up some ancient Greek names yesterday on wikipedia (great list! - scroll right down the page for names of individual nymphs and strange deities etc) and found Chloris who is the Greek version of Flora. Also there's Calliope and I really like Circe. Oh and Calypso. And Clio.

    I also liked Thisbe from the suggestions above...

    But.... I guess I'm cheating a bit with my 'no vowels' rule with these 'e' endings (inc my original fave Xanthe). And I should rule out Calypso and Clio on those grounds too. "Thisbe/Calliope/Circe Irwin" Requires an uncomfortable shift from e to ur? I am probably being fussy as I find my own 'e' end first name tricky with my married surname. I've ruled out huge swathes of names on the basis of a endings (most girls names seem to end in a) which is possibly silly too...

    I'm so glad a few of you like Amaryllis - I've liked that name for years and am only put off by the length of it.

    As the weeks tick by though I'm getting more and more settled into Artemis. I know there's going to be a bit of a "that's pretentious" from some when I announce that but I think i can live with it.

    Though you've all given me some other options to think on... Thank you once again. I so truly appreciate it. And will definitely tell you what we eventually plump for!

    ps Pomona - doesn't meet my no vowel ending but love it.

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    I love many of your list, especially Clemency (as you can see it's on my personal list, but I like Clementine too), Amaryllis, and Amity (You're right, it's kinda rare). Xanthe is very pretty too but I think I slightly prefer the similar Ianthe.

    Reading your post, I suddenly think about Arcadia/Arcadina. Just an idea

    Amaltheia- like Zeus' nurse goat.
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    I like both Amaryllis and Artemis, I think both are useable at least on this side of the pond. Amaryllis Pearl and Artemis Pearl both sound lovely to my ear, and in the middle position Pearl Irwin is less troublesom.

    Have you considered nn Riley/Rily for Amaryllis? To be fair, Riley Irwin has that same sort of pause that Claudia Irwin has...
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