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    Trouble with Loubet?

    Louisa Beth is our current front runner. What do you all think? Is it too "Little Women," and does that even matter? I love the sweet vintage charm of it. And I feel it flows better than Louisa Elizabeth. I know a smoosh would be inevitable if people say her full name quickly, ie Loubet, Ouisabeth, etc., but how often do we all use full names in daily life anyway?

    So I guess I'm asking, does Louisa Beth a) sound better to your ears than Louisa Elizabeth, and is it b) an fine choice, or would we be setting ourselves up for endless smooshing frustrations - or mistakes for assuming that Louisa Beth is one first name a la Mary Beth? I actually don't mind the smooshes much; they turn out to be kind of cute nicknames. But in general we would be using Louisa in full. Initials would be LBT. We also pronounce it with a soft S and not Z, which I know may necessitate many corrections, at least in the beginning. I believe most people default to the Z pronunciation when spelled this way and S when spelled Luisa.


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    I have a slight preference for Louisa Elizabeth over Louisa Beth, but I think both sound nice. People aren't likely to smoosh if you introduce her as Louisa rather than Louisa Beth. It's rare that anyone is introduced with both names outside of baby announcements unless they choose to go by both.
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    Ooooh, I love Louisa Beth! Louisa is one of my new favs and Beth makes it a bit softer. Louisa Elizabeth is gorgeous as well, but Louisa Beth is so special.

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    I love it! I fell in love with Louisa and have always had a weakness for the name Beth so I lean towards that rather than Elizabeth.

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    I love Louisa Beth! So pretty!
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