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    Glad I could help! Blessings

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    I personally, have only known 1 Zeke. Different names are popular in different areas though, so I see your concern. I say if you love it though, go for it!

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    My sister has told me she intends to use Ezekiel, NN Zeke. I had personally favoured Hezekiah, NN Zeke. I think I'll let her have her dibs, though.

    Well known, in the Top Thousand, yet outside the Top Hundred, is sort of the sweet spot for me. Especially for boys. So perhaps I am coming at this from a different angle. I've gotten enough shade for considering popular boys' names ("Gabriel?!") to worry about Zeke at all. It is really the Top 50 and above I would avoid. And even then... if I loved it... I just mostly don't.

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    I grew up with a Zeke--we pronounced it Zee-kee and also Zeek, depending on our moods. He answered to both. His full name was Zechariah. I always liked the name!
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    I posted on another thread, but Zeke is my nephew's name. He turned 2 in December. My sister and BIL loved the name Zeke but didn't like Ezekiel so "just Zeke" he is! I know another Zeke who is 3 and its short for Ezekiel. I also knew a man growing up by this name who was older (I was a child...but assume he was in his 50's when I was growing up in the 80's?). It always had an Amish feel to me, but, now I only really see it as a little boys name. It could become popular, but, I don't see it hitting the top 10 any time soon.
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