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    Question To Zeke or not to Zeke?

    I've seen the name Zeke floating around a bit. Just curious as to if you think it is popular/going to get popular soon. I have always loved this name but fear that it might be getting more widely known and used just like the Zanes out there. We have just recently ran into a little Zeke at church so that's what got us thinking about it. We love it, but don't want our little boy to be one of the three or four Zekes in a class or baseball game like there was for my brother Zachary about ten years ago. What do you think? Just an unlikely run-in?
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    I think Zeke is a great name for a little boy! Where i am from you barely hear it. I think it is definitely usable nowadays.

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    It's interesting that you cite Zane as an example of a name becoming more widely known. In the US, it has hovered between 250 and 220 since 1999--very little movement in either direction.

    As a stand-alone, I don't think Zeke will become wildly popular anytime soon. It's only just entered the Top 1000 and doesn't have another trend (like being an -ayden) to launch it into sudden stardom. However, Ezekiel has been on a slow climb since the 1990s and is now just within the Top 200, not too many steps higher than Zane. I imagine a fair few of those boys go by Zeke...

    I think Ezekiel and Zeke are too heavily Biblical or casual (respectively) to become the next Zachary. I wouldn't worry about that degree of usage, especially just Zeke on its own. I guess it comes down to how you feel about your potential Zeke sharing a few Ezekiels' nicknames since there are now as many young Ezekiels out there as there are Zanes.

    On a personal level, btw, I have never met a little Zane or a little Zeke. Names ranked in the 200s--let alone the 900s--don't account for that many babies, so I would say that Zeke is safe. Go with what you love!

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    My husband is a teacher and he's had a few kids named Ezekiel nn Zeke. Not more than one each year though, and he usually has 60-80 students every year. Old Testament names like that are very popular amongst the Hispanic community in our area, and that is the majority of my husband's students. Otherwise, I don't think he would have had as many. I really like the name Zeke personally, and I would consider it if it didn't clash with our last name :-) I don't think it will get nearly as popular as Zachary, unless there is some star/popular movie or book character with that name. Sadly, there is no way to control that :-)
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    I can see Zeke getting a little more popular since Z names are all the rage, but to be honest, Zeke sounds more redneck than cool to me.
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