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    Juniper with mom named Jennifer?

    I am toying with the idea of naming our daughter Juniper, but my name is Jennifer - too close?? She would go by Junie or June, most likely. I adore June on its own, but it sounds very boring with our 1-syllable last name! Juniper is the only variation of June I've found that I really love.

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    I don't see anything wrong with Juniper if your name is Jennifer. They don't sound too alike that it would stop me from naming my daughter that if Juniper was the name I loved.
    Also, June is great by itself even with a short last name if you give her a middle name with three or more syllables.
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    Juniper Alexis sounds nice too.

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    I don't think they're too close at all. They have some superficial phonetic similarities, sure, but they feel very different. Generally speaking, though, I'm not particularly bothered if parents and kids have names with similar sounds. I don't usually even notice it unless someone else points it out; I think people are more likely to pay attention to the interactions of sibling names than those of parents/children. Plus, Juniper is awesome, and it deserves to be used anyway!

    P.S. My other favorite June variation is Junia, though you've probably already considered it?
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    I would have a giggle if I heard that because there is a song called 'Jennifer Juniper' which I love. I couldn't use them together.
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    I don't think the similarity in sound would be a problem at all, but i agree that the song Jennifer Juniper by Donovan is definitely something to consider. Im always surprised how many people mention the song when i tell them that my dd's name is Juniper, especially people of my parents age group. And i think that you'd get it all the time if you're Jennifer as well! Its a nice song, very hippyish and 60s, but it could drive you crazy if you have people randomly singing it to you when you introduce yourselves!
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