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    Clementine and Eulalie. Gorgeous. I'm in Aus to and completely understand the hipster-vibe worry, but I'd just ignore it and go with what you love.

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    I love Clementine. It is my currently favorite name. I don't think it has yet cracked the top 1,000, but maybe I am wrong. I also think it is the perfect match to Eulalie. I like things that are labeled hip, but must admit I am out of touch with real live hipsters so have no idea how the name is seen in the wider world.

    I like the nn Emme, although with Emma, Emily, and Emmeline so popular, there is no hope your daughter will be the only Emme on the block. Like Annie or Maggie, however, it is a great, classic nn perhaps worth the popularity problem.

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    Clementine is great and goes well with Eulalie. I dont find it hipster, but I dont know many hipsters either!

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