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    Quote Originally Posted by litysmama View Post
    Just out of curiosity, how do you pronounce your daughter's name? You-LAY-lee? You-LAL-lee? I'm intrigued by it but feel like I may be thinking of the pronunciation incorrectly.
    We pronounce yoo-LAY-lee but it can also be pronounced as yoo-LAH-lee. The French pronounce oo-lah-lee

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    I'm in just the same quandry right now. Love Clementine (more than the less used alternative Clemency) but do worry about the popularity...

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    I like Clementine. It is sort of hipster-popular, but meh, it's a pretty name with a nice meaning and imo the fruit association is actually a bonus, heh.

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    i think clementine is a beautiful name that you should definately use

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    I like, but don't love Clementine and there are sooo many posters on here who don't care for the name. It is an acquired taste. I think is it an old southern name and in the south it is not so weird. Cybill Shepard named her daughter Clementine. I guess that is a reason I would not name a daughter Clementine. Any time a "celebrity" usurps a name, I am completely turned off. i think it would be pretty tricky to burden a child with this name.

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