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    I keep coming back to Clementine...


    I've loved the name Clementine for years but more recently I keep dismissing it as a viable option because of the trendy / hipster vibe that seems to be attached to it these days.

    But then... I just always keep coming back to her! This name has everything going for it IMO; wonderful meaning, rich history, cheerful rhythmic sound. I must admit, none of the nn options particularly thrill me, though I do like Minnie.

    I live in Australia so the fruit and 'oh my darlin' song are not strong associations for me.

    What do you think of this name? Does it just scream celebrity/hipster/trendy to you?

    We have one daughter, E u l @ l i e, and I feel like Clementine would be a really nice match as her sister, if it wasn't becoming so popular.

    Love to hear your thoughts!

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    With your daughters name, I think Clementine is a great match! And it does feel popular, but I don't think it's in a hipster or trendy way. It's a classic- and since you're in Australia it's great that you don't have "oh my darlin" or the fruit.
    I say go for it- you may regret it if you don't.

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    Love your daughter's name. You must read her the book E u l @ l i e and the Hopping Head.
    Clementine has a lovely meaning and sound, but it does give me a bit of a hipster vibe. Then again, I'm smack in the middle of hipsterville Brooklyn.
    To get to Minnie, there's Minerva, Miranda, Millicent, Wilhelmina, Araminta, Jessamine
    If you wanted to go wild with Eu-names, there's Eudora, which would be adorable as a sister to E.u.l.@l.i.e imo.

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    @ ajbear - thanks for the reassurance. I do worry that I'll have serious regrets if I don't use it... but lately I'm thinking maybe more in the middle spot, because I don't think I could handle running into lots of little Clementines in the future, especially when my other daughters name is so rare.

    @emmabobemma - I imagine Brooklyn is rampant with little Clementines! Thanks for your suggestions, but I'm not trying to get to the nn Minnie... it was just the only option from Clementine that I would consider using. I don't mind it, but I don't LOVE it either. Thanks for reminding me about that book - I must buy it!

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    I love Clementine-- particularly because it was Winston Churchill's wife's name. I think of it as more historical than hipster (it still takes a brave hipster to use it). It sounds lovely and works well with your other daughter's name too, so I would definitely use it!

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