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    Briar is really cute... Rowan... Astar... River..

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    See! This is why I post to nameberry! I thought I'd exhausted the archives, but you guys are already coming through with some I've never considered. alexa400 - Caraway is awesome, and the first I've seen it anywhere!

    wattle - I think we vetoed some of each other's names because of the cutesy factor. I just didn't know if we both were blinded by our particular tastes when it came to Clover and Marigold. And I love Wren, but we have a son with the nickname Ren.

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    Dahlia is my fave new baby name

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    I love nature names! Lilac, Clover and Juniper are easily some of my favourites.

    My other favourites include
    Loving: Lilith Delphine, Daphne Elisabeth, Eleanor Lilac and my GP Amaryllis Clio
    William Dougal, Rupert Theodore and my GP Augustin Sage

    Celestia, Opal, Agatha, Mabel, Delphine, Lilith, Magnolia, Eleanor, Olympia, Harriet, Daphne, Nora, Tabitha, Lilac, Saffron, Wilhelmina, Clio, Amaryllis
    Vaughn, Sterling, Samson, Sage, Rupert, Hugo, August, Stellan, Dougal, Sydney, Theodore, William

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