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    Help with two similar names. Your opinion wanted!

    Which do you prefer, Imogen or Imogene? Which sounds better? How do you pronounce them with the spellings? Could you spell Imogene a different way without looking silly or should it be left as it is?
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    I prefer the sound of Imogen as I pronounce the two differently, also I like the possible nickname Gene which you could get from Imogene, I just don't think it sounds quite right. I don't think you could spell Imogene any differently to get the same pronunciation
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    Imogen is better. (Im-O-jin).
    Gene to me is a rather unattractive sound to have in a name.
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    I definitely prefer Imogen. It has a much lighter, more pleasant sound and seems more feminine.
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    I prefer Imogen, though I do quite like Imogene. Imogen I pronounce with the JEN sound at the end (though the E is very short, so it sounds more like the G and the N just run into each other) and Imogene I pronounce with the JEEN sound. I've heard people say that Imogene sounds more country bumpkin to them, so I now have that association with the name and prefer Imogen because of it. However, Imogen is fairly popular (top 100) in my country, so I don't think I would use it here (Australia).
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