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    Callum Wilder
    Hagan Wilder
    Kyle Wilder
    Ryan Wilder
    Scott Wilder
    Mitchell Wilder
    Lachlan Wilder (maybe too many ''L'' sounds)
    Tristram/Tristan Wilder
    Max Wilder
    Conner Wilder
    Alick Wilder
    Hamish Wilder
    Stuart Wilder
    Kieran Wilder

    I have many more but i shall restrict it so i dont spam

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    Caleb and Everett are two of my favorite names, so they definitely get my vote. The only other name that came to mind was Corbin, but that might rhyme a bit too much with your last name. I think it sounds ok, but you may not like it. Good luck!
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    Cormac Wilder is a really cool name. I wouldn't normally consider Cormac, but paired with Wilder, it makes me think of a dashing, handsome, rustic, rancher with really great style and good manners
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    I like Emmett Wilder Allison and Garrett Wilder Allison. I think Garrett or another consanent name (Cormac, Graham) sounds better with Allison than a vowel name.

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