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    If Disney's Eugene/Flynn had been Arabic?

    So I'm working on a fan fiction (it's a massive Disney crossover) and I'm playing with the idea of Eugene/Flynn from Tangled being the secret son of Aladdin and Jasmine. I mean think about it. Aladdin and Eugene are very similar. How I'd get him to Corona would be that Jafar (in Genie form) would threaten the newborn prince NAME, so Genie took him to another world (Corona) renamed him Eugene Fitzherbert, and hid him in an orphanage.

    But this would mean that Eugene would need an Arabic name, because, let's face it, what are the chances of Aladdin and Jasmine naming their son Eugene?

    (the other idea for his parentage is that he's Aurora and Phillip's son, in which case Eugene would be fine, especially since one of the kings is Hubert, so Fitzherbert would not be far off for a last name choice.)

    So here are a few Arabic names that I think might fit Eugene. Which do you like? Do you have any suggestions?

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    What about Osman? It was the name of one several Ottoman Sultans and though Jasmine's father was never named could conceivably have been his name. I like the idea of them naming him after her dad. And if he takes back his birth name at some point in the story, you could call him Ossie! which is super cute!

    Other Sultan names that could work: Selim, Murad, Ibrahim, Abdul.
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    I totally prefer that he'd be Aurora and Phillip's son, it just feels so fitting.

    However, for Eugene being Arabic:

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