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    Louisa, Agatha, Iris, Heloise?

    Back for more... Agatha is still my favorite, but we're entertaining other ideas. Nothing (other than Agatha, for me) at the moment seem right for our daughter. Votes? Other suggestions? It seems as though we've crossed so many classics off the list already that there's no use listing them. Middle name will most likely be Elizabeth.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Heloise gets my vote! It has such heft. Fabulous with Elizabeth.
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    Iris is my favorite, followed by Heloise. As great as they are, I'm not sure that Louisa and Agatha flow well with Elizabeth.
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    Agatha's my favorite, too. I love Agatha Elizabeth. A little Agatha has recently come into my life, and I'm quite smitten with the name lately! I also really love Iris and Louisa, though. Agatha happens to be the only one I really like with Elizabeth, too--Iris Elizabeth and Louisa Elizabeth both feel a bit boring for me (although I love them in general!).
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    Agatha Elizabeth flows fine!

    Preference in order...

    1 Louisa - my fave on your list but it's not the best with mn Elizabeth.

    2 Agatha - Since this name is the only one with no "s", I think it sounds the best with Elizabeth in the middle. A great literary connection. If you love it, I would encourage you to go for it!

    3 Iris - the "s" in Iris runs into the "E" in Elizabeth but it's a lovely flower name.

    4 Heloise - I'm not a fan of this name. Eloise is fine but adding an "H" turns it into "hell". Heloise reminds me of the two people: the tragic lover of Abelard and the modern-day advice columnist.
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