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    Nursery/baby bedroom ideas

    What themes, Furniture, storage space, etc ideas do you have for a nursery or a bedroom for when they grow up. I remember another thread about specially made built in beds for 4 daughters and I thought it was wonderful.

    Do you think nurseries are silly and should just be another bedroom with a crib?

    Give me some insight on what your ideas are or what you did.
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    Decorating and planning Bugsy's nursery was honestly one of the most enjoyable parts of my first pregnancy!

    In answer to your first question, I believe a nursery is important. Both for a mother and a baby, it's a calm place to bond and enjoy time together. In saying that however, I don't think it needs to be over the top, ridiculous amounts of money do not need to be spent and your baby doesn't need every whiz bang gadget on the market. I'll admit I got a little carried away with Bugsy's nursery but this time around I've been a lot calmer.

    My main criteria for our first nursery was that it had to be gender neutral, grow with the baby, have heaps of storage and be a calming space not filled with crazy colours and patterns. So Bugsy's room has wooden floorboards, nature inspired wallpaper, wardrobes covering an entire wall, a colourful rug, a really cool light fitting, lamps, rustic wooden furniture and soft furnishings. The room has grown with him perfectly, his cot is now gone and everything still works well...we've just added more "boy" things along the way!

    I know a lot of people move an older child and reuse their nursery but I just couldn't, it is Bugsy's room and he should be able to stay in it. So, I have done a new one for baby number 2! This time I injected a little more colour and the furnishings are quite modern and sleek.

    This blog post has some amazing nurseries that I took a lot of inspiration from this time round, it's worth a look! http://studiobcreativejuice.blogspot...-bye-baby.html

    Hope that was a little helpful!
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    We're on Team Green and plan to use the same nursery for all our children, so it needs to be rather gender-neutral. We've decided to do a celestial theme. Haven't done much with it so far, but DH did just finish painting the walls last weekend this beautiful dark blue color. I'm debating whether or not to stencil on stars over it and currently leaning toward "no". Once the last child is finished with it, I imagine it becoming either a study or an extra bedroom, so it would probably be better just to use artwork to decorate the walls instead. Other than that, I've only picked up a few odds and ends so far, but we're planning on going crib shopping either next weekend or the next. So excited!
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    Personally, with my son, I did do a nursery - two, in fact, one at my moms house and one at the house I moved into right after he was born. It was fun and they were done in colors / themes that could easily transition for an older child.

    That being said, I won't have another one. I have kind of come around to the fact that I like sleeping in the same room with my baby and we don't have the room anymore. We have a big enough bedroom to put up a crib, though, and I would decorate their "corner" that had their bed and dresser and everything in it - but I'm very crafty and having another baby would mean craft-overdrive for me, I would need somewhere to display it lol.

    But I am also firmly in the "kids don't need their own room" camp, so that could be part of why I wouldn't bother again.

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    I vastly prefer living in smaller spaces. I grew up in a ridiculous barn of a house and now my parents knock around in it as empty nesters not using >95% of it.

    So, when Antoine was born I had a 1BR ultramodern highrise condo-- all exterior walls were 100% glass. I love interior decorating-- the other secret girly passion of mine, besides baby names-- but I truly loathe and despise all things infantile. I converted the formal dining room into a sort of nursery, where the changing table, dresser and nursing chair were housed, but he slept in a small brass cradle in my room. No theme except things that were an extension of my taste. I bought him items that I hope he treasures and will keep into adulthood (this beautiful Herati carpet in blue, rust, turquoise & gold; the brass cradle as mentioned; a glam 70s deconstructionist brass & mirrors dresser; a turquoise damask-print chair with a kilim ottoman). I see no need for licensed cartoon characters, pepto-bismol pink, or the other theme-y attempts at nurseries. Nor do I appreciate the "modern nursery" aesthetic with everything in pale gray, a few artful but boring wooden toys, and framed pictures of vintage cartoon trucks or something.

    In LA now we have a condo, but a 2BR (1400 ft^2, almost as large a space as I would ever want to live in). Antoine has a separate room but it doubles as a guest room. Most of the previously mentioned things are there now, as well as an eco-crib, a queen bed, etc. I bought his crib bedding from Serena & Lily whose quality and style I admire, and it's actually technically part of their girl line, but I liked it. I bought multiple patterns and mixed & matched to avoid things looking over-matchy. I know I'm probably in the minority but most nurseries are far too saccharine for me.

    Here you go-- in case it helps everyone who doesn't have a 4BR house with loads of extra rooms. My condo was about 800ft^2, and this is directly contiguous with the kitchen. My sister made his blanket and I decided I wanted a full plastic mobile that spun and played music and projected light, rather than an artful wooden one that would never hold a baby's interest. The cradle is from Corsican and and the dresser is vintage.

    Since space was tight, we stored some baby items in the living room/salon:
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