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    Gender reveal ideas?!

    I saw on a blog where a pregnant couple had the doctor write down "boy" or "girl" on a piece of paper, then they took it to Lowe's and picked out a blue and pink color they liked. Without looking they told the guy working there to read the paper and if it was a boy to mix a can of the blue paint, and if it says girl to mix a can of the pink. still not knowing what it was, they took the can home, opened it together, dipped their brushes in and began painting the nursery and that's how they found out what they were having. They videotaped the whole thing. I thought it was well thought out.

    I don't want to find out my baby's gender at the doctor's office, I want to do something similar. I am thinking I might even want to find out with the rest of our family all at the same time. Any ideas? I've seen where people cut cakes and they're either pink or blue but that seems unoriginal. I've also see where theres a box of pink or blue balloons and when you open the box they fly out, but that means someone would have to know before we do to set it up...

    Any other ideas?

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    Well, I know this is unrelated but my husband and I have opted to always wait until birth to find out what we are having. It makes painting a gender neutral bedroom more fun, builds excitement, and I honestly think it helps with the labor..studies show it also reduces the chance of developing post partum depression.

    And gender neutral bedrooms are not boring! There are some really awesome gender neutral bedroom ideas which you probably wouldn't use if you knew what you were having.

    Plus, not knowing what you are having, I think, makes you fall in love more with the little person you are having opposed to the boy or girl. Those things are so unimportant. What is important is how loved they feel, how close they are to their parents and siblings.
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    How about a piñata filled with blue or pink confetti (and or lollies) I'm not sure how you would set it up though.... Or you could get the gender written down at ur ultrasound go to a cute babies clothes shop (don't really know any as I live in aus) then choose a boy and a girl out fit and give it to the shop assistant and the paper and get her to box the outfit for the right gender up and then open it with family....
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    I like the idea of taking the gender to a store and having the cashier box either a boy or girl outfit...Good idea!
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    How about going to Build-a-Bear?
    You choose a teddy bear, go through all the processes of making it, and then you can choose an outfit & accessories for it.
    You could choose a boy's outfit and a girl's outfit. When you go up to pay, you can ask the person at the till to dress the bear in the correct outfit (which will be shown on a piece of paper from your doctor!) & then they put them in a box so you won't be able to see whether they have the boy's outfit or the girl's outfit.
    Then once you've opened the box with your family to see your baby's gender, that bear you made can be for your child. At Build-a-Bear you can put messages in the bears, or do a heartbeat, so it can be really special! I know someone that took the recording of their baby's heartbeat & made the bear make that sound whenever you pushed it's tummy.
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