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    What do people think of Minnie Ella (family middle name), i.e two middle names? I figure it might be okay because the names are quite short, but Minnie Ella doesn't flow very well. Minnie still seems like a nickname to me, but then again it was like #6 name in the 1880's, so there's certainly ample precedent for using it as a name on its own.

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    How about Minna? It has a similiar feel to Ella and seems a bit more substantial than Minnie? Or Mirella?

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    I like both of your options (Minnie and Ella) but I'm really not a fan of Minerva. It just feels like a Disney villan to me.

    What about Millicent with nn Minnie? I know that the traditional nn is Millie, but I really don't think Minnie is much of a stretch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahmezz View Post
    Hmm...this is a tough one. I'd say choose Minerva simply because the popularity of Ella is too much. But you've got to really love Minerva because it's an "out there" name.
    I'd also add that I really love Minerva.
    How about a combo like Minerva Eleanor, Minerva Elizabeth, Minerva Elaine or Minerva Elise? (Elise could honor Eleanor, Elizabeth and Elaine - sort of)
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    What about Mirabella? You could use Minnie or Ella; the name is pretty and unique and means "wonderful".

    I really dislike Minerva. It just isn't an attractive name to me. The word "nerve" in it doesn't help.

    I love Ella. Yes it's popular, but it's lovely and in my opinion not nicknamey. But you have to love it and be at peace with the popularity, otherwise the popularity will bug you.

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