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    For sure it works! It starts with an "M" and has an "I", "N", & "E". Minnie Driver's real name is Amelia, and I think Madeline is a much more obvious way to get to Minnie.

    Madeline "Minnie" is adorable!
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    Too many Ellas I think... Sadly.

    Sounds like you do quite like pretty names because Minnie and Ella are both sweet names (whereas Minerva is a totally different kettle of fish). Which appeals more? A short musical 'young' name or a more formidable longer name with history?

    What I'm finding hard is a short, pretty name with history (because of my difficult surname and husband!) but there are plenty out there: Possibly not you but Clio, Xanthe, Iris, Chloe fit the ancient/short/sweet maybe?

    If it is any consolation I'm super stuck too. We were going for Artemis nn Mimi (similar to Minerva (ancient, strong) nn Minnie (sweet) but feeling unsold (due in 10 weeks so more time!)

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    How about...
    Michaela - my best friend's name. I call her Kaela (pronounced Kay-la) but her parents call her Minnie. You could easily get Ella from this name, but this Michaela doesn't like the name Ella. Personally, this is my favourite on the list because I think it's pretty, classic, and has so many possible nicknames.
    There are so many names that start with M that have the letters Ela in them. I suggest you go on a website that has lists of thousands of names and go through the M name's. Good luck!

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    Love, love, love Minnie, but Minerva is horrible. Just use Minnie! Or Mina.

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