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Thread: Juneau

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    @kala_way - It does feel like it has another level, doesn't it? Especially as Juno is quite a well-known goddess, and it might be too much for a little girl to carry...Juneau just seems softer. Thank you!

    @catheyc - Haha, this post made me chuckle! I totally understand what you mean, but having never seen the film, the goddess is what immediately comes to mind, which is quite a large namesake for a little like you, I would probably prefer to see Juneau. Thank you!

    @isabellemarie - It seems quite a few people think of the film as well - I have never seen it! Is it really famous? I'll have to Google that later... Thank you!

    @argenta_genova - Ooh, I love it when that happens! I totally agree, the -o ending is very misleading and the -eau softens it a bit. And it's lovely when place names have a special significance to the parents - it just adds a depth to the place name, I think. Thank you!

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    Juneau is far more appealing than Juno

    Have you heard of Junot? Same pronunciation but more commonly used for boys. I don't like the name (any spelling) on girls but love Junot for a boy

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    We actually consired Juneau for our daughter because her dad is from alaska (also considered Alaska and Denali), but all it made me think of was some redneck saying 'did you know'. So we went with McKinley since that is the biggest mountain in alaska
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    @nat108 - Ooh, no I had never heard of Junot before...I really like that actually, because I always think Juno sound quite masculine! Might have to go on a list somewhere... Thank you!

    @mclola - That's a really sweet idea! Haha, I do see how it sounds a bit like that...but I love the significance Mckinley has for you. Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by catheyc View Post
    I'm not a fan of place names, but I would much prefer to see a Juneau than a Juno, especially if it's honoring your family's heritage. It does scream "Alaska!" to me, but if that's okay with whoever's using it, I'd say it's fine. I don't care for Juno. I know it has a history, but for some reason when I hear it, I assume the parents chose it JUST so people would say "after the movie?" and they could respond "Actually, it has a very ancient Roman history" and sound intelligent. Sorry that's so negative; it's just my automatic reaction.
    Yeah, I can assure you that's not why I chose my daughter's name. Wow.
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