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    Name your children quiz!

    So, I haven't done one of these in a few months due to being really busy with work. But in th last few days I've really got back in to Nameberry and decided to create another one of these quizzes. So I hope you all enjoy and have fun!

    To choose daughter #1's first name, chose your favourite room in your house.

    Lounge/Living room- Athena
    Bedroom- Helena
    Kitchen- Rosalie
    Conservatory- Bridget
    Attic- Jovienne
    Bathroom- Sabina
    Games rooms- Elle
    Study room/office- Tamsin
    Other- Theadora

    To choose daughter #1's middle name choose a food you couldn't live without.

    Cheese- Veda
    Meat- Iris
    Potato- Lucy
    Eggs- Eudora
    Pasta- Alise
    Bread- Love
    Rice- Paisley
    Fish- Greer
    Chocolate- Amabel
    Other- Lux

    To chose son #1's first name chose your favourite type of weather.

    Sun (no clouds or breeze)- Cornelius
    Sun (but shaded and breezy)- Rowan
    Rain- Raphael
    Snow- Edmund
    Wind- Linus
    Wind/Rain- Walter
    Thunder storm- Gabriel
    Other- Felix

    To choose son #1's middle name chose your favourite wild animal/bird.

    Wolf- Joel
    Lion- Cole
    Panda- Breccan
    Fox- Thaddeus
    Tiger- Arthur
    Monkey- Cato
    Snake- Harrison
    Bear- Micah
    Lizard- Dante
    Penguin- Ryan
    Other- Everett

    To choose daughter #2's first name chose your birthday month.

    January- Annalise
    February- Emmeline
    March- Isadora
    April- Garnet
    May- Florence
    June- Magnolia
    July- Eloise
    August- Stella
    September- Marnie
    October- Birdie
    November- Adelphia
    December- Hazel

    To choose daughter #2's middle name chose the colour top you are wearing.

    Blue- Elspeth
    Grey- Audra
    Yellow- Catherine
    White- Madeleine
    Pink- Arden
    Brown- Ingrid
    Purple- Isobel
    Black- Fern
    Orange- Renee
    Other- Winona

    To choose son #2's first name chose your favourite sandwich.

    BLT- Andrew
    Chicken teriyaki- Eamon
    Halloumi and mushroom- Jasper
    Ham and cheese- Xavier
    Chicken and bacon- Lorcan
    Tomato, mozzarella and basil- Frederick
    BBQ pork- Dominic
    Tuna & sweetcorn- Marius
    Prawn salad- Armand
    Other- Vincent

    To chose son #2's middle name choose your favourite type of event to attend.

    Wedding- Kane
    Birthday party- Alphonse
    Baby shower- Ivan
    Hen party- Soren
    Office party- Elijah
    Charity Ball- Ezra
    Family BBQ- Leo
    Prom- Thor
    Other- Charles
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