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    Mar 2016

    Sibsets you know or heard of


    I am absolutely in love with "sibsets you know" games, so I decided to start my own. But in this one you can do sibling sets you know in person, or sibling sets you don't know in person!

    I'll start with Benjamin, Amanda, Elijah, Melody, Timothy, Lillian, Matthias, Gabriel, Heather & Luke

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    Jul 2013
    Julia Catherine

    history + Russian language student and lifelong name nerd

    Mary|Catherine {Cat/Catlin}|Rose
    Eulalia, Louise, Anna, Aoife, Kira, Charlotte, Margaret, Nadezhda

    Joseph {Joey}|Luke|Alexander {Sasha or Sander}
    Nathan, David, Francis, James, August, Ira, Eliot, Leo, Erik, Truitt, Felix

    long | lists

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    Aug 2014
    US of A
    Lilly | 17 year old name fanatic | 6 of 10

    Jethro Sebastian Wolf / Griffin Ezekiel Blake / Ezra William Fox

    Aryan Bodhi Caspian Cassius Holden Hudson Jefferson Kestrel
    Leland Levi Llewellyn Peregrine Reid Reuben Stellan

    Aurora Gracelyn Sage | Shiloh Anastasia Wren | Ryan Elizabeth Willow

    Adriana Arden Avalon Everly Haven Lacey Octavia
    Ophelia Maeve Raphaella Reagan Xanthe

    Brecken Chandler Corin Emerson Indigo Jensen Ocean River Rowan

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    Jan 2016
    Tara, Lucas, and Nicole
    Miranda Rose | 18

    Favorite Combos

    Dustin Asher, Dylan Jonas | Carrie Christina, Maxi Hazel

    Favorite Singles

    Asher, August, Brady, Dustin, Dylan, Ezra, Jonas, Noel, Rory, Tucker full list
    Aria, Brooke, Carrie, Fatima, Hazel, Leslie, Maxi, Nevaeh, Nova, Ruby full list

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    Lucas and Kaia.

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