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Thread: Amy

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    Do you think of Amy as being dated to the 70s or as a classic?

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    Eh... six of one, half a dozen of the other. My strongest association with the name is the Little Women character, but truthfully if I try to think about the name itself, it does feel a wee bit dated to me. I mean, it seems like every second girl around my age is an Amy, but I've never met an old lady Amy or a child Amy. That said, it's definitely still usable and I doubt most people would find it dated.

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    I know a 6 yo Amy. I thought it a bit strange, but I just assumed she was named after an Amy.
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    My husband and I both LOVE the name Amy. Years ago, if we had ended up with all daughters, it's almost certain that we would have had an Amy. I see it as more classic, but not to the degree of Elizabeth, Catherine, etc. Nonetheless, it's a true gem of a name to me... clean, classy, beautiful. Truly lovely!
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    I think it's both, which is what I love about it. Amy takes me back to the '80s and '90s which I love (why do people hate names from those decades...they were such awesome years), but it also feels vintage to me because of it's Little Women connection. I love it and have it on our list (my husband actually suggested it!).

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