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    Rowena Sage is such a lovely combo! I like the Ro/Rowe/Winnie nn options
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    Rowena Sage is gorgeous!!! And I feel like it gets you closer to "Rowe" than Rowan does. Also, Rowan is all boy and way too masculine for a girl in my opinion, though I know there are many Berries that feel differently. I also just think Rowena Sage flows so much better than Rowan Sage. The more I say Rowena Sage, the more I love it.

    The only nns I thought of have already been suggested: Rowe (prn. Ro; even better to honor him with!) and Winnie. I can also see Reena sort of coming naturally. But you might find something else after she's born (and you're saying her name over and over) that feels right for a nn too that you didn't think of before. Good luck!

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    FAR TO MASCULINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are doing a Jessica Simpson why don't you name your daughter James William for goodness sake. Yes I like Rowan for a girl. I think Rowan Kate or Elizabeth Rowan sound gorgeous similarly I like Sage for a girl in the middle name slot like Juliet Sage. But together this just seems so masculine and I hate giving beautiful daughters masculine boys names. Your daughter will want to have a feminine name and most likely won't want be the girl with the boys name. I think you should go with Rowena Sage that feels feminine and you get your grandfather mn in the combination too without the whole thinking sounding being gender confusing.

    Rowena Sage for the win


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    Thanks for all the feedback berries! The more I say Rowena Sage out loud, the more I love it!! Now the only obstacle standing in the way is the hubby. He's fine with using Sage but we'll see if he likes Rowena. If I was a witch, I totally would have been in Ravenclaw!! I feel like this name would suit my future daughter perfectly!
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    I LOVE Rowena Sage!!

    (I pronounce it row-enn-ah)

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