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    Too masculine for a baby girl?

    So lately I've been playing around with different name combos using Sage. We will definitely be using it for a baby girl in some way. Hubby only likes it for a girl. My grandfather's mn is Rowe and I would live to honor him. WDYT of...

    Rowan Sage OR Sage Rowan

    Is it too masculine to be a girl's name? I was also playing around with Rowena Sage ( I like that Rowena is from HP as well since I'm a fan). Any thoughts berries?
    Married for almost 6 wonderful years and dreaming about starting a family in the near future!

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    I would definitely go with Rowena Sage or Sage Rowan. Rowan is a little too masculine for me.

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    Personally I know a Sage and a Rowan, so they both seem very feminine to me. They are adorable girls by the way. I also love when names honor family, it gives them so much more meaning. Personally I like both Rowan Sage and Sage Rowan. And actually I think Rowan and Sage would be cute sibset for two daughters.

    I also like Rowena, but not quite as much as Rowan.

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    Oh, totally forgot to add that Rowena Sage sounds so beautiful, really love the name Rowena and Sage gives it a little sass!

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    Rowena Sage is GORGEOUS! Go for it!
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