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    Which full combo do you like best? Claire or Sophia...

    These are our top two names for if this baby is a girl. Find out in two days!

    We've been set on Claire Elisabeth Louisa until just recently. The middles in this name honor my husband's grandma.

    Option two is Sophia Adelaide Kate. The middles in this name honor my two sisters, who are pretty much my best friends.

    We also had Zoe and Elise and Kate on the first name list, and while Kate may still be a contender it is more than likely we will pick one of the above combos.

    Sophia Elisabeth Louise is also an option, since my husband really wants to honor his grandma with a first girl. I kind of want to honor my sisters with a first girl, adding to the dilemma. This whole issue is stemming from my sudden hesitancy to use Claire. I talked about that in another post, if you happened to see that one. Mostly I think Im' getting to used to it because we've liked it for so long and because I've recently come across 3 other Claires since we had decided on it. So it feels a little "used" to me, but I still like it. Just have to make up my mind!

    That all being said, I have really been thinking a lot of Sophia Adelaide Kate the last couple days. What are your opinions in general on these three different combinations I have mentioned? I need some serious help!
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    Girls: Claire Elisabeth Louisa, Sophia Adelaide Kate, Elise Madeleine Joy, Zoe Anneliese Jayne, Juliet Amelia Rose

    Boys: Asher Morgan James, Morgan Everett Nathaniel, Weston Jude Elias, Gabriel

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    Sophia Adelaide Kate is a stand out winner of your choices. Beautiful!
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    My favourite combo is Sophia Elisabeth Louise (three classics). Cuyler and Claire would start a "C" initial pattern. However, with Cuyler, the more friendly and down-to-earth Sophie would be my choice. The megapopular Sophia sounds and looks so elaborate next to your son's name. Have you considered the French Sophie as an option (maybe Sophie Elisabeth Louise)?
    All the best,

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    Out of the two I prefer Sophia Adelaide Kate.
    nineteen & renaming myself soon

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    I plan on calling her Sophie a lot of the times if we use Sophia, but I like Sophia too much to just put Sophie on the birth certificate. I don't really care about the "c" pattern either as Cuyler and Claire are the only c names we like and if I have a third the chances of me all the sudden liking another c name is very slim. I'm not against matching initials either, anyway. I'm just not trying to do the theme. I was set on using Elisabeth Louise/Louisa no matter what first we chose but now I'm really loving my Sophia Adelaide kate combo, mostly due to the fact it honors my sisters. I didn't know my husband's Grandma at all so it is kind of hard for me to choose those middles over the ones to honor my sisters. But at the same time, I know she was an awesome lady and I wish I knew her and my husband was very close to her so picking those middles are for him. We haven't discussed not using them too much at this point so I'm not sure how he really feels about it.
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