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    Haha - I just did a google search to work out what FI means. Sometimes it's Fiancé. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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    lol yes, by FI I mean my fiancee.

    Since Linnea is based on Linnaeus, I guess I'm looking for a Latin-based name to go with Theon, which, in itself is Greek...and it's a little hard to get a Latin name to flow well with Gibson. *sigh* I might just start pulling out the German baby name book.

    Gibson is like a turn-of-the-century popular name. I saw someone mention Adele, which I think fits and I've been throwing around. I'm just a little hesitant about it because of the singer. I'll still keep it on the possible list.

    Theon Maximillian Gibson
    Theon Florian Gibson
    Theon Falk Gibson
    Theon Henning Gibson

    Nova Linnea Adele
    Nova Linnea Corinne
    Nova Linnea Helene

    Any love for those choices?
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