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    My Naming Dilemma (warning: wall of text)

    Now that FI and I are TTC my mild guilty-pleasure interest in names has gone into Name ALL the Future Babies! overdrive. I like having things lined up so I don't have to fret about them. Ideally, I want names chosen for two of each gender...they don't necessarily have to "match" but I like staying with the same feel.

    For a long time, I had my heart set on Ian Gibson as a boy. Gibson is a family name and I really, really want to keep it. FI and I would like to do some science honoring in the naming process, however, and this is causing an issue. Now I have my heart set on Nova Linnea for a girl. It's perfect in every way for us as a couple as well as hitting every style point that I care about. Which leads me to the boy problem, and the only way I can see to circumvent it and keep Gibson is to use 3 names.

    Girl: Nova Linnea ______ (Lastname)
    Boy: Theon ______ Gibson (Lastname)

    I'm leaning towards Theon and I'm pretty sure that I can get FI on board with it, but I guess it's negotiable (after Theon of Alexandria. Linnea is after Carolus Linneaus). Whatever goes in the girl blank should fit with Gibson and whatever goes with the boy blank should sit with Linnea. I'm totally stumped.

    Anyone want to try their hand at filling in the blanks?
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    Nova | Wren | Corisande | Linnea | Alice
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