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    I like certain place names, but I wouldn't go too far. I LOVE Savannah, Dakota and Alaska, and I would totally consider them (either as first or middle names) as long as they went with the last name, but things like Ireland and London I wouldn't use and I don't like Paris (it seems a little...tacky to me). I can see why people name their daughters Texas or Arizona, but I wouldn't use them

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    I like a lot of place names. My favorite at this point would be Moriah for a girl and also Galilee or Galilea for a girl. Nazareth is also cool, can't decide if I'd prefer it on a boy or on a girl. Id consider those or other pleasent sounding Bible places names regarless of having been there/ worked there because the connection my husband and I share to the Bible.
    For a boy I like (but probably wouldn't use unless I had a personal connection to the place) Cairo or Kiev. For girls I like (but I probably wouldn't use unless I had a personal connection to the place) India (I don't understand the innaproprietness of it)... Can't think of any other one right now...
    A couple non-Biblical place names that my husband and I have personal connections to: Meadow (the town where we were married), Carmen (we honeymooned in Playa del Carmen, Mexico), Troy (the city in Upstate NY where my husband worked as a missionary for awhile), Leon (accent over the o--- city in Mexico where I worked as a missionary for awhile), Bryan (town where i grew up), Garden (city where my husband grew up), St. John (another town where my husband grew up. Sadly,it does not go with our last name).

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    I have a crazy crush on Arizona though it's not my style at all, ha ha.
    @allythys: Meadow is gorgeous! I even considered it for baba. Using a name where you and your hubby got married is an adorable idea, I love it. Plus I like that named on your list are not obviously place-y. And answering your question: I would say Nazareth is cool for a boy with nickname Nate.

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    I don't care for place names (unless they're a name before they're a place - like Paris, Georgia, Dakota, Virginia, etc.). But I don't care for names like London, Alaska, Montana.

    The exception would be if the place had a lot of very significant meaning to the parents. If they met in Savannah or went on their honeymoon in Aspen, for example...I think it's kind of cool to name (or preferably middle-name) your kid after a place like that.
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    I LOVE place names but I feel like I'd have to have a connection to the place to use it.

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