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    Australia is too much. London, Paris and Sydney are fine to me.
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    My favorite place names are mentioned in the Bible.


    I like them because they are just different enough to be unique, but they can have more orthodox nicknames. Some non-Biblical place names that fit this description are Sarajevo and Madeira.

    What bothers me is the overuse of place names. Austin, Brooklyn, Dakota and Houston are nice names, but their significance fades when the name is too frequently heard.
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    I do like names like Georgia and Virginia, though a lot of music fans would relate to songs like "Georgia on My Mind" which is a Ray Charles song, "Back to Georgia" which is a James Taylor song, and "Meet Virginia" which is a Train song. However, the name Virginia was the name of Gemma's mother in the A Great And Terrible Beauty trilogy. I would use the name Paris, though a lot of people would think of Paris Hilton, and London, like London, England, not like London Tipton. I could use the name Scott, like Scott from "Teen Idol" by Meg Cabot and it is the name of Jenny Greenley's best friend.

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    I like names that are place names, but they aren't obvious place names. If that makes sense? America or Ireland would be to much imo but I like Georgia, Virginia, London ect.

    My daughter's middle name is Arizona which I couldn't have ever used for a first because I think it's too much. Arizona has meaning for us because I spent the first few years of my life living in Phoenix and I have relatives there, so we also considered Phoenix if we had a boy.
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    I think it gets too much when it's a country, I would never use England, Holland (though I do admit to crushing on this one), America, Ireland, China etc etc. I love Sydney for a boy, I've never been there but I like the sound and find Australia to be an intruiging place which I've wanted to visit since I was a tiny girl. Generally though I don't like most place-names, I find them too tacky.
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