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    Pet Names as Kids Names???

    I really like the names Noah and Riley for girls (they aren't my favorites but definitely like top 20) but the only problem is that I currently have dogs with those names. Do you think you could use a pets name on a child? If it was your favorite name would seeing it on someone's pet, even if it wasn't your own, make it unusable? Would you honor a pet you were really close to by naming your child that? While these names I love are currently pet names, I don't think they're unusable for me because they are names I've seen on people before, and I probably won't think of that pet if it's my kids name because the association would be with the child, not the pet anymore.

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    I have a friend that was named after a cat. Its something we tease her about, but lightheartedly. I think a good test here is, would I like to have that name? Personally, I think no, I would not want to be named after a pet.

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    I'd do it
    We recently lost my boyfriend's 'heart dog' from cancer. Her name was Torii, and while I wouldn't Se out to name a girl that, I would consider it in the middle spot especially if it flowed well. It's not really my style as a first name but middle is fine, and the dog meant so much to him that I'd use it if he wanted.
    We have another dog who is named lulu, which would be a nickname for Eloise if I were to use that name. The nn being the dog's name doesn't put me off using it but it is a consideration since they'd both (hopefully) be around at the same time
    My other dogs have names I wouldn't use for a kid regardless, or nonhuman names.
    We also foster dogs and while I prefer to give animals nonhuman names (it's kinda weird to be housebreaking a dog and talking about "Lucy pooping in the kitchen" or something), after so many dogs we've named, we do use human names pretty often now, though I prefer to go for more unusual ones. I won't give a new foster dog a name that's on my top list, but especially with boy names (of which I like fewer) I've realized after the fact that I could imagine using a name on a kid that has been used in the past for a foster dog. I've also grown attached to a name through using it (sound's grown on me, or discovered a nickname I hadn't thought of before). If the dog was a bit of a hellion though, I don't think I'd keep the name on my list! Shiloh (for a boy) is one that I would like to used possibly, but had an foster dog who was a challenge and took about a year to adopt out... The association is still too strong!

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