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    Quote Originally Posted by lineska View Post
    I think place names need to either be A. A name that has been used as a name enough to feel established or even better, a place that originated from a name anyway. Or B. A place with some sort of personal significance. The more obscure the place, the more important it feels to me for there to be a story behind it.
    I agree with Lineska-and that it is actually a place you have been to, and that it isn't controversial for e.g India.

    That said if it is too close to home like Sydney, Adelaide or Darwin (Australian cities) even though they are established names I wouldn't use them (it would feel weird).

    Even Alice (a name that I really like) I wouldn't use myself because I lived in a town called Alice ____.

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    I love Holland and Ireland

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    I wouldn't use anything too well known, or likely to cause ridicule or seems silly. I also wouldn't use a place I have no ties to.
    I love the name London, but I have no connection to the place (yet), and it'd be laughable for a person name London to ever visit London, England. (So I've heard)

    It irks me when I see children who have no ties to country with it as a name, like a blonde girl named India with NO connection to the country, nor do her parents have any.

    However names like Austin, Georgia, and Alexandria, are fine to me.

    Funfact: I know someone with the last name of Philadelphia. :P

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    I have to admit, I have a soft spot for place names. I like Holland, Geneva, Virginia, Savannah, Odessa, Dresden, and Paris (on a boy). I doubt I'd ever use one of these names, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by catloverd View Post
    I personally hate place names, but what I would consider too much is anything that isn't mainstream. So names like Georiga, Savannah, Alaska, seem alright, but Florida and Mongolia would be weird.
    Funny that you mention Florida, I had a great-grandmother named that. It was more a little more commonly used way back then. The part that I always found interesting was that she was a Native Canadian and french. I always wondered her parents chose the name.
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