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    I personally hate place names, but what I would consider too much is anything that isn't mainstream. So names like Georiga, Savannah, Alaska, seem alright, but Florida and Mongolia would be weird.

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    Midwest, USA
    Most places are named after people.
    My favorite place names: London, Austin, Charlotte, Aspen, Holland, Brooklyn
    Places names that are "too much" for me: Florida, England, Paris (because of Hilton),

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    I actually have a strong dislike for place names. What if your daughter Paris wanted to move to Paris? How embarrassing would that be for her? And ditto that for basically every place name. Some of them DO have a pretty make it the middle name, if you like. As a first name, I'll always think it's tacky, sorry.

    Of course, a place name that is really a name (like Virginia or Georgia -- names after people) are somehow just fine for me.

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    I seriously dislike place names with -land in them. England, Ireland, Holland and so on. How weird is that? And most city names are odd too. I just don't get it. Mountains and rivers and lakes and things like that are completely ok. Lots of places have taken their names from actual names, so those don't count (Virginia, Victoria, Paris and the list goes on and on...). The name Milan has nothing to do with the city, so that's fine. I can see why a lot of Italian place names can work as names, they're so beautiful. Sierra Leone would be very pretty... There are lots of beautiful middle eastern place names as well.
    I think I'd draw an actual red line with alarm going off on Czech Republic, Papua New Guinea... United Arab Emirates?
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    It depends on the name for me. I like Geneva a lot, but most place names I'm not fond of.
    Really, any of the US State names I don't like at all as names--guess it's too close to home.
    Cities I can deal with a little better, but I'm still hesitant about most.
    I prefer it to be a tad more subtle--Lucia, Helena, Solomon--all names of islands but also very legitimate names.
    I also like Andorra and Moriah and am not completely against Gilead.
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