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    There's Virgil
    Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. - Albert Einstein

    Girls: Seraphine, Kristabel, Magdalena, Shiloh, Opal, Jobie, Calla, Seeley, Noelle, Mara, Lucille

    Boys: Robin, Gabriel, Mackenzie, Nash, Phillip, Raphael, Edmund, Abraham, Lewis, Pierce, Link

    Current Crushes: Mackie and Devlin

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    I adore the name Aiden/Aidan! I remember being in the fourth grade (2001) and there was a new kid in class named Aiden and I thought he had the coolest name ever and since then I've been in love with it. So as you can probably guess I was really upset that the name became so popular. I won't take it off my list though because I am still really really fond of it. I'm not really afraid to admit I love it, but everyone else was talking about that name so I might as well mention it. Oh, and from what I've seen of this site if you love a popular or trendy name it's best to keep it to yourself so I suppose that would be a reason I would be afraid to admit I love it.

    I have some guilty pleasure names I love that aren't most people's style and therefore usually results in me keeping them to myself though. Some include Aerie, Hera, Tallulah, Lavender, Aracely (Ar-uh-say-lee), Temperance, Avilena, Fleur, and Castiel. I have a pretty adventurous taste in boys names and most of those I have no shame in admitting I love.
    alyssa ϟ 23 ϟ usa ϟ name lover

    Girls: Emilia Jane, Anastasia Louise, (still working on girls list)
    Boys: Aiden James, Jase Alexander, Tristan Roy, Henry Augustus, Isaac Benjamin

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    Girls -
    Glamour Alyssandra (Love Glamour but when i mentioned it to my husband he said anyone who named their kid glamour was an idiot! Can also see major teasing rights!)
    Blair - Really pretty just makes me think of a boy
    Emelia - I used to tell my family I hated this name but it has grown on me, if I tell them that is what I am naming my daughter, they will laugh at me

    Boys -

    Camidon - sounds wierd
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    I LOOOOVEE Kristabel, Blaise, and Mara! I also like Stele (Steely)

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    I've liked Eliakim for years but gave up on it because everyone would respond, "The Lion King???". Along the same lines, I like Eliab and Joab and Joakim. And Clement and Benaiah and Joram and Zadok and Zedekiah and Hezekiah....I have a thing for obsure Bible names...

    Names that make life hard for English speakers: Socorro, Alejandro, Nayeli, Javier...

    Random word names: Prayer, Sparrow, Truth, Valor...

    Other names: Maksim, Jordan, Kayleigh..

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