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    Quote Originally Posted by younamedhimwhat View Post
    For boys I have a serious crush on Roman names like Tiberius. I LOOOOVE Tiberius, but I think everyone thinks of James Tiberius Kirk. And what an awesome name is that!
    Awesome! I love Tiberius too. It is on our long list for our next if it is a boy.
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    You can tack Lee/Lyn onto an odd amount of regular words, and I will like a lot as a full on names. I present: Everly, Waverly, Novalee, Brecclyn, Novolin, Lachlyn, etc. I have tried to resist the creative namer in me for a long time, but I'm getting so bored with Imogen/Beatrice/Claire all the time these names just sound really interesting!!

    (Novolin is an insulin. I was just kidding on that one).
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    I know that there is the whole Aiden/Kayden trend but I have to admit I really love the name Aiden, would never use it due to the hypertrendiness of it, but it has a great meaning and has a nice sound to me.

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    I'm quite fond of Olabelle (which was a name I found digging deep into my family tree) but all I ever get is a scrunched up face from folks when I mention it.

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    I'm so glad to see I'm not alone... I felt like a NB weirdo because I like weird / uber trendy names sometimes. Poppy528- I have a huge crush on Everly!
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