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    I really hate admitting it but I like the sound of Renesmee - I like the look of it too - but would never even consider using it - ever!

    I looove Aiden/Aidan too! Such a shame that it's so popular, the variants are really annoying. Is the spelling Ayden really necessary?
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    My big one is Kade! I've got such a crush on it, it is unreal. Also Karson for a girl (no idea what it is with me and K's!) And Roberta, because everytime I say it people look at me like I belong in a mental institute.
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    On here I'd keep quiet about Cloud and Arizona, but I'm not afraid to admit much on here.

    In real life it's a bit different. Sunday, Aura, Brighton, and Alaska are at the top of my "keep quiet" list.

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    I really love Saylor/Sailor, which has been pretty universally panned on NB. I also have a soft spot for the equally-derided boys' occupation name Pilot. I love W names, particularly Wallace, Walter, and Waldo, which are not particularly popular on this site (Wallace was brought up on the "ugliest name" thread). Thaddeus, Roscoe, and Darwin have also received decidedly mixed reviews. Oh, and I absolutely love Hero for a girl!
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    Sadly, all of my enemies have beautiful names, though popular. Jade, Jaylynn, Anessa. I'd never tell anyone that I envy those names, but I do like them. I like old-fashioned names... Greek and Roman names. I love meaningful names... Iris is among my favorites. I love British names. Alastair kind of sounds like an old man, but I just.... I can't.

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