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    What do you think of Harper and Aubrey?

    Harper Samuel
    Aubrey Nathaniel
    (Yes, both for boys. I'm well aware of the whole "they'll be teased for having a girl's name" argument [Yahoo Answers. What can you expect, really] so I'd prefer comments on the actual names rather than possible teasing potential. Thanks )

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    I prefer Aubrey on a boy much more than Harper. I tried to talk DH into Aubrey for DS #2, but he wasn't having it.

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    I prefer Aubrey. Harper is extremely overused right now. I noticed on my facebook there have been 4 baby girls named Harper and one boy with that name in the past year (out of my close group of 200 friends) That is a huge percentage of people naming their child that.

    I don't see them being teased for either name - Harper can definitely go either way and I have known more boy Aubreys than girls.

    Maybe your DH would go for Auden or Auben - they are similar to Aubrey.

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    For me, Harper is all boy, though Aubrey is unisex. I like the combo Aubrey Nathaniel, but not Harper Samuel. Harper Nathan(iel) would be cute if possible.

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    I love both so I can't choose one.
    I'd say Aubrey maybe a bit trendy but it is more familiar as a boy name. Harper has a more masculine sound but since it's not as well-known for it's use on boys it's a bit more daring than Aubrey. I've known boy and girl Aubrey's but no Harper's yet.

    Unfortunately I can't use Aubrey since it's my cousin's name, and if he has a son I'm pretty sure he'll be Aubrey Jr. I can't stand Harper on a girl (makes me think of harpie) but love it for a boy so it's on my list

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