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    I don't think threads like this are a good idea. Discussing names you really don't like, or even hate, sure. But saying things like 'it disgusts me' or 'get over yourself' I think are very harsh/personal and just add to the whole mommy war mentality.

    I do get it, i just think some comments are a little unnecessarily harsh. I totally have heard names that I though 'really?', but of course would never say to anyone that chose it.

    The ones that I've heard used recently that I was really not feeling the love for were:


    I also think its interesting how meeting a little baby can occasionally change your view of the name. My cousin named her baby Sloane, which I really thought was awful, but this girl actually wears it with quite the gusto. Its still not something I would pick, but I don't feel as negatively towards it.
    Additionally, Clara was used by a friend of mine, and I thought it was a bit dated, and odd. All I could think of was batty Aunt Clara from Bewitched. But now I love the name and would probably consider using it if it wasn't already 'taken'.
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