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    My number one cringe-worthy name is and always has been Katherine/Kathryn/Catharine, but especially with a K. It sounds like catheter. I hate Kathy, I hate Kathleen, I hate Katie, (Kate, for whatever reason, is not as offensive) and I deeply despise Katherine.

    Lauren/Laura (but not Laurel)
    Cameron (on girls)
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    Beatrix, Zoe, Roxy:I tend not to like name that have X's or Z's in them
    Ryann, Charlie: really don't like boys names on girls

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    Forever and always boy's names on girls. It's bad enough to see girls given silly substanceless boys' names like Peyton and Logan, but Nameberry's hideous new trend seems to be geezer names on girls (seriously, there's even a blog post about it). If a parent ever introduces me to their daughter Ezra or Silas I will burst out laughing and walk away. Anyone who gives their poor kids these names is not someone I want to know.
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    Just a grad student, dreaming ahead...

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    I don't like Imogen or Harper AT ALL, I know these are super hot on Nameberry but I just have never liked them at all. I seem to be the only Berry with a dislike for Imogen or Harper
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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    If a parent ever introduces me to their daughter Ezra or Silas I will burst out laughing and walk away. Anyone who gives their poor kids these names is not someone I want to know.
    Haha wow, harsh. Well I hope people react with more respect to your little Electra, because that is quite a silly name for anyone not in a comic book. No offense, to each their own. I'd still let my kids be friends with your oddly named kids, though. Even Marlowe and Sailor (yikes!). Everyone has their own taste in names, and I can respect that, even when it is difficult not to giggle.

    I cringe at the super popular names (Sophia, Isabella, Olivia, Jacob, Henry, Joshua, Michael), the teen mom kreatyve names (Kinley, Branleigh, McTynzleigh, McKenzee, etc.), the hipster names (Felix, Clementine, Lionel, Georgia, Ignatius, Imogen), tough man-boy names (Blaze, Rocket, Bear, Fox, Killian, Gunner, Hunter, Rage, Riot, etc.), place names (Alexandria, Kansas, Montana, Dakota, London, Paris, Tennessee, India, China), leftover 90s names (Kyle, Jessica), most of the occupational names (Porter, Parker, Chandler and Fletcher are especially awful) and a few odds and ends (Camden, Jase/Jace, Lance). The name I hate the most is Molly... ugh. I'm also bothered by people naming their children after celebrities (Cobain, ew) and superheroes (Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker are all terrible first/middle combos, and yes, Electra is an awful name, K or not).

    It's kind of a good thing that some (many?) people choose less-than-great names for their kids though. Who wants the playground to be full of kids all going by your favorite names? I think a sea of McTynzleighs, Isabellas, and Imogens would only make it easier for my future little Bronwen. Variety is the spice of life
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