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    A lot of people have put down uber-popular names as cringe-worthy, but I'm wondering, when you hear them, are you cringing at the sound of the name itself, or cringing at the parent's choice to name their child something trendy and unimaginative?

    Also, most Berries, myself included, dislike yooneek spellings and variations, but do different spellings actually count as separate names?

    Anyway, I really detest boys' names on girls. Not unisex names, but BOYS' names, like James or Carter. Also, modern names that are so new that they are allowed to become unisex, like Greyson. Honestly, why would you name your DAUGHTER something with the word SON in it?

    Some names that I just irrationally hate are:
    Annabel- This spelling only, I like Annabelle
    Aria/Ariana- This just sounds too airy to me, like it has no substance

    And most names with 'w's or 'yn'. Although, on Toddlers and Tiaras when there was a little girl named Taralyn, I, the hater of trendy and made-up names, actually really liked it! Just the sound, though, not the spelling....
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    Oh wow, I was just thinking about this today...

    Sloane, Chloe, Elodie/Elowen (hate that long O sound, it just sounds slimy to me)

    Bertha, Martha, Hortense, Gertrude, Edna, Hilda, Linda, Eunice, Alma, Thelma, Brenda and other old-lady names with harsh sounds

    Creative spellings can be okay... but not when they phonetically don't make sense. How would Katline ever be pronounced like Caitlin?

    Darcy... one of my favourites boys' names ever. How on earth does it sound feminine?! (I always want to say, if you think it's feminine go read P&P)

    Sherry, Sharon, Chandra, Sheila and many other names with the "sh" sound

    Carrie, Annie, Cora, Lizzie and other nicknames as full names

    Daphne... just sounds so harsh and grating, and I tend to dislike consonant clusters

    Wow, there are a lot more than I ever realized...
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    any name that ends in the -lyn or -lene sound
    any really obvious feminization like Thomasina or Benjamina

    Lots of these are nicknames that I hate with full names that I love (love Gabriella but hate Gabby, love Rebecca but hate Becca)
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    I personally love the majority of the names you've mentioned as 'cringe-worthy' haha.
    The ones I can think of at the moment...
    The name Kay names like Kaylee or Kayla or Michaela or simply Kay
    Sparkle, Sapphire, Crystal, Diamond
    Lee names like Karlee, Daylee, Haylee etc.
    Misspellings like Katelynn instead of Caitlin
    Boys names given on girls which are have the wrong spellings to appear feminine like Ryann (Ryan), Ryley (Riley) etc
    Also Jordan and Jordana why are they feminine??? Ugly!
    Boys names on girls combination like Maxwell Drew should not be given to your daughter it's cruel. AKA Jessica Simpson.
    Stupid made up names like Sheenquka
    In some cases names that don't match up to your background/don't go with your surname Hadassah shouldn't be Hadassah O'Riley. She should be Hadassah Cohen.
    Angel, Star, Rainbow - awful 60s inspired names
    Stella don't understand the attraction similarly with Lucy names including Lucien, Ruby and Tess/Tessa. Hannah so bland and sounds so unattractive. Chloe as well is so slimly. Daphne is also ugly yet she's 'hipster' why??
    Harsh sounding old lady names like Bertha and Gertude. Along with dated 'sh' names like Sharon and Shelia.

    Theres probably more but that's all I think off at the moment and no offensive to anyone
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    Although I don't mind some spelling tweaks (I think I'm in the minority on here with that), things like Braielleighnne are just outrageous. Anything "lyn" or especially "lee" (KINSLEY AHHH) also irks me. I find it extremely juvenile and can't picture them being said with anything other than a southern accent from a 17 year old. (no offense against the south, my family's all from Kentucky :P). But if you really want "lyn" or "lee" at then end of her name, do our ears a favor and just use it as a middle. Also hipster clunk names like "Agatha". Really, Agatha? Thisbe, Theodora, Florence, Eleanor (okay not too bad, but I only picture Eleanor Roosevelt), Ethel, Harriet, Margot? Listen to yourself. And Nevaeh... Please stop. Also anything with "mick" at the beginning. Mckenzie.. Mikayla.. Mcallister? And Ava!! I was watching a show once.. where they talk about new home decor/improvement stuff and they have real people/families use the product and talk about it. Two families on there both had little girls named Ava. Granted, it could be made up for the show.. but still. It's everywhere. Oh, and this doesn't have to do with any names in particular, but I hate very contrived nicknames like getting Timmy out of Chrysanthemum (please don't name your child Chrysanthemum either).

    Haha anyway, I know it's all about personal choice. I have no right to butt in on what you name your child or how you raise them. And as I complain about these names, I know for a fact that a lot of people on here don't like my favorite names either, but meh .

    To each his/her own.
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