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    Nomination for proposed Unisex Name Tournament

    I've done several single-elimination-tournament type games on here before, based either on a fixed list or my personal favorites. This time I'm letting the other Berries have a voice in what names are featured; here you can "nominate" whatever names from the applicable category. After this thread has run for a week or so (at which point I'll close it) I'll tally up the nominations. Those nominated by the greatest number of Berries will be given placement in the tournament, and the remaining spaces will be filled with my personal favorites from the list of nominated names.

    This tournament will be about unisex names. Nominate your favorite unisex names; to avoid controversy I've defined a "unisex name" as, based on either the most recent U.S. SSA list or the list from where you live if it's available, meets one or more of the following criteria: in the Top 1,000 for both genders, the gender ratio for the name is no greater than 10:1 for the dominant gender, or is now more common for the gender opposite of what it was traditionally for. I've not finalized the size of the tournament, but it will probably feature 16 names (since this one is unisex names there won't be separate competitions for each gender).

    So, what are your favorite unisex names that you'd like to see in the competition?

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