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    I like Canyon the best, but I also like Warren and Brooks.

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    My favorites are Brooks and Landry. Congrats on another little boy!

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    I like Beckett and Sawyer also.
    Otherwise Jager sounds cool with Beckett too!

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    Thanks all! We are still stuck. Sigh. Here's the amended list.

    Brooks - We still like it, but don't love it.
    Lawson - still a faint possibility.
    Landry - I love, and he's warming up to it. I do worry about it being too feminine.
    Grey - Still love, and may use for a middle.
    Sawyer - It pairs so nicely with Beckett.
    Canyon - Family hates it, but we still like it.
    Warren - like it, and we'd be honoring a great man who helped raise dh.
    Cy - We both love it. It feels like a nickname to me, but I don't love Ocias, Cyrus, or Silas. Any other ideas?
    Bodhi - dh loves, but would want to spell it Bode. I can live with that and it's growing on me.
    Dean - a good middle.
    Jameson - Bode Jameson?
    Scout - a guilty pleasure for both of us. Too bad the girls have taken it over.
    Salem - I love, he doesn't.
    Anson - love, but can't use.

    Shouldn't this list be getting smaller rather than growing? I'm coming to terms with the fact that we're not going to both fall in love with a name and just know it's the one, but I'm still having commitment issues.

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