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    Grey and Brooks are my favs from your list! I think both have the same modern/cool vibe that Beckett has.

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    Brooks Collins might pose a little bit of tongue stumbling, but I don't think it's a huge deterrent.

    Grey is overwhelmingly my favorite of the names you listed, but two one-syllable names as first and middle bug me personally; and Sawyer was my second choice, but you run into that weird dental stop or risk "Brooksawyer," so I can't suggest my favorites - but I do think Brooks Lawson or Brooks Warren would be very handsome choices.

    BTW, I just adore the name Beckett, and Beckett and Brooks is a very sweet sibset

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    Beckett Ford is such a handsome name. Ruby Kate is also gorgeous. I personally don't like the name Brooks and I don't really like it with Beckett because they both start with B. From you list I like Sawyer the best and I feel that it has the same surname styl that Beckett has. Good luck wit your new baby boy arrives.

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    Beckett Ford is a great combo, very handsome. I love Brooks, though not a fan of it with your last name. I love Wilder for you. Beckett and Wilder would make a fantastic sibling set.

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    I like Beckett Ford. For his brother, I would go with Lawson or Sawyer. I really love Beckett and Sawyer together.

    Lawson Brooks, Sawyer Warren, or Sawyer Brooks?

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