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    she's here! thank you for all the help in naming her!

    So after 9 weeks in the hospital due to preeclampsia, we are finally home with:

    Marlena Carys Brooks R......n
    She joins big sister Geneva Simone Dunbar R.....n.

    I would like to thank the nameberry community for all the advice and help that you gave to me.

    We went into the hospital with only one "maybe" name: Indira. We felt like it was a lovely name but not quite right. We spent days agonizing over names and could not come up with any. When she was born, I was a bit panicked at the lack of a name, and started to randomly say names. We had passed over Milena, and I tried again with Marlena (we say it like mar-lay-na), and it just clicked and felt right.

    I 'm wondering how others have chose their babies names? have you always known? handed down family names? panicked and stressed like me?
    Natacha - mother to Geneva Simone and Marlena Carys
    a site that surveys people with the same name.

    Current Favs:
    Boys: Archer Sloan or Merrick
    Girls: Indira Maren or Sloan

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    Congratulations! Marlena is a great name!

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    Congrats and what a beautiful choice!

    With my son, I went in knowing his name, but I could see myself being as indecisive as you, I have a hard time committing.

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    Congratulations! Marlena is such a lovely name! I think baby naming gets harder with each child. #1 (a girl) and #2 (a boy) were easy for us to name. I'm pregnant with #3 (a boy) and we are finding it difficult to find a perfect name for him!

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    Marlena is a great name!!! Congrats =D

    Our eldest son was supposed to be named Samuel Theodore - but after a 3D scan I panicked because he didn't look anything like a Samuel and I hated how everyone had automatically adopted "Sam" as a nick name. So I panicked and went through every name website and book - handed my partner list after list after list and he veto'ed every single name I liked! Eventually we settled on the only name he had ever suggested and chose a middlename suggested by dad.

    With our youngest, well that was a compromise! It was the number 1 name I wanted for our eldest, which my partner had vetoed. So in exchange for our eldest name, my partner allowed me to chose our second sons name, which I did. The middlename was one we both really loved and had considered using for our eldest (Theodore).

    The next one will be a nightmare of epic proportion as we just cannot agree on anything!!

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